Buy Duplex Flat in Gurgaon: Luxurious Apartments For Sale

A large living space welcomes you to the large and comfortable life. Now, upgrade your living experience by purchasing a luxurious duplex apartment in Gurgaon.

Also, if you want to buy penthouse in Gurgaon or you want to buy 5 BHK flat in Gurgaon, we have options for you.

What is a Duplex Apartment?

This type of apartment comes with double floor which are connected with each other by an indoor staircase. Duplex residence in an apartment building is usually larger in space as you get two floors. Therefore, you have large rooms as well as flexible floor plans.

For many people, duplex apartment is the next level of upgrade from the typical apartment living lifestyle. Moreover, it offers high-end accommodation with a combination of rich amenities such as swimming pool, gymnasiums, green landscapes, etc.

Usually in duplex apartment, the top floor has master bedroom and at the lower floor you have hall, kitchen and other bedrooms. Since you get twice as much space than the traditional apartment; these types of properties are perfect fit residence for a large family.


Emaar Urban Oasis

Sector 62, Gurgaon


Nearby Location:

Sapphire 83 Mall | Max Hospital | Paras Trinity Commercial Centre | IGI Airport


In some cases, a penthouse can even have two floors. These types of properties are also known as duplex penthouse.

Penthouses usually come with ample space, breathtaking views, high ceilings etc. Living at a penthouse, you will live a luxurious life at its best as you will have all the futuristic amenities as well facilities that will make your life easy and comfortable.

Upcoming and New Launch Duplex Flats for Sale in Gurugram ​

Rector Realtors introduces you to the upcoming projects of duplex apartments by the best builders in India. If you buy a duplex apartment in an upcoming project or new project, then you are making a wise decision. Because buying or investing in it, you can take advantage of selling it at a higher price while the demand is on the rise. On top of this you can even choose one floor for rental income and the other one for you and your family’s residence.

Rector Realtors even help you in choosing the best location for upcoming projects if you want to buy or invest in it. Because we know that which property at what location in Gurgaon is going to have higher rates or lower rates. And when it is the right time, we will even guide you to sell or buy a duplex to make a profitable deal.

On top of this, while buying a duplex, we will even arrange a tour to the properties you are interested in. And if you want to buy, then we will help you to close the best deal by reaching an agreement with the top builders.

Know The Best Features of a Duplex Apartment in Gurgaon Before You Buy

Buying a duplex apartment has much more to offer in terms of features such as:


Find & Buy Luxurious Duplex Apartment with Rector Realtors

When it comes to find the best duplex property in Gurugram, there are plethora of choices to choose from. You might find it complex enough that you aren’t able to find what you are looking for. Maybe you don’t trust those boring and complicated listing websites or you don’t know much about these properties. In these cases, Rector Realtors will help you from beginning to the end no matter what.

Comprehensive Procedure to Help You

Our crystal clear process helps our clients to find the best duplex home in terms of location, best amenities and much more.

If you are not able to find it on our comprehensive list, contact us and we will suggest best properties and even can arrange for tour of the properties you are interested in.

Since holding 11 years of experience, we know each location in Gurugram better than anybody else in terms of amenities and close by developments.

Having expertise in realty market, we understand it better than anybody else; therefore, will help you make intelligent decision for the purpose of investing or buying a duplex home.

We are well aware of property laws & loopholes; so, no need to worry about anything legal. Further, negotiating with builders to get the best deal for our clients is our speciality.

About Rector Realtors

Rector Realtors is one of the best real estate agencies in Gurugram. Since the foundation 11 years ago, we have satisfied countless clients in the market of residential as well as commercial real estate market by providing exceptional realty services.  

We have not just built great relationships with top builders in India, but built long-lasting relationships with our countless clients as well. Each property dealer in Gurgaon working with us is knowledgeable and is guided to be completely transparent with the clients. We help buyers find what they really desire and help them get the best deal for their dream house or any commercial space. 

Rector Realtors does not trick into false or exaggerated information about any project in order to make money. Instead we have a transparent process in place to clear all of your doubts and guide you through the complete buying procedure from very beginning to getting the best pricing for your desired residential or commercial property.

Reliable Realty Agents

People choose us as we help them make wise decision. In addition to our decade of experience & expertise, we have all the legal documents & process in place.

Attention to Detail

Paying close attention to our clients’ needs is one of our important traits. We are fully organized & communicate well enough; therefore, helping us closing on more deals.

Network of Connections

Built a network of connections with potential buyers, sellers, builders, other realty brokers or agents, inspection experts, banks or loan agents & appraisers to provide you satisfactory realty services.

Understands Local Housing Market

Understanding the local market & visiting properties from time to time enable us to effectively differentiate, compare & choose the suitable location according to your likings as well as needs.


If you have a large family, then duplex apartment is the best choice for you to buy. On the other hand, investing in it you can rent the one floor and choose to live in the other one. Furthermore, if you purchase it on loan or EMIs, you can cover it by renting out one floor of your duplex apartment.

A two-story apartment where inside stairway connects upper and lower floor is called a duplex apartment. Normally you will find the master bedroom on the top floor. Hall, kitchen, and other bedrooms can be found at the lower floor.

Since duplex means two; it is a two floor residence which can be at ground floor or any part of the apartment building. Whereas penthouse can also include a two floors in which case it is called a duplex penthouse. However, normally penthouse has one entire floor and can be situated at lower or upper part of the building. Other configuration of flats can be 2 to 4 or more flats at each floor.

Owning a duplex apartment, you will benefit from several advantages such as the spacious space that comes with double floor. Moreover, it has flexible floor plans; enabling you to transform your space as per your preference and the style you like. 

Buying a duplex home, you also have option of generating a steady income by renting out one floor.

Not to mention, owing this type of property, you also get the feel of living in an independent house since it has got large area whether it is bedrooms, hall, kitchen, balcony etc. Further, duplex often enable plenty of ventilation as well as plenty of daylight.

It is suitable for large families and has more than enough area. If you want to upgrade from your 4 or 5 bhk residence, then it is the right choice.