Customer-Centric Real Estate Company in Gurgaon

Customer-centricity is what makes Rector Realtors deliver beyond people’s expectations. Moreover, we do not focus on selling or making money. We preferably focus on providing legitimate real estate consultation services.
We are more than just a real estate company. Because, we listen to the challenges that homer buyers, business owners or property owners are facing.
And we just don’t listen and sit back, however, we provide solutions by giving an expert advice. Whatever you need, Rector Realtors has solution for everything related to real estate in Gurgaon.

Few Words About Rector Realtors

Rector Realtors started dealing in residential and commercial properties in 2011. And since then we have been delivering outstanding realty services. Whether it is buyers, sellers, investors, or property owners, they all get a best deal while working with this top real estate company in Gurgaon.

In addition to this, Rector Realtors is RERA certified real estate company having strong network with various top-class builders in the city.

Moreover, Rector Realtors also do manage various properties and make sure that we don’t miss anything in our real estate process. Therefore, we are always working hard and smart every day to make your real estate investment and profits easy and more profitable to you.

How We Do Work as A Best Real Estate Company in Gurgaon?

Rector Realtors is one step ahead from everybody else in Gurugram real estate market. We are leveraging on our one decade of experience in dealing with residential and commercial properties. Thus, we can say confidently that Rector Realtors will make your buying or investing experience smoother and easier.

Thorough Research of Market

Doing thorough research about properties and market analysis is one of our many specialties; therefore, enabling us to know the best time to buy or sell a property in Gurgaon.

Better Comparing Property Prices

Analyzing current market trends also allows us to better compare the property prices. Because this way, we know accurate price of properties as per market standards.

Legitimate Realty Services

Working with Rector Realtors, you will not be fooled by wrong or exaggerated price since we will help you buy or sell a property as per the market price.

Neat & Clean Process

On top of this, our neat and clean process will ensure that you have best buying or investing experience that surpass your real estate market expectations.

Luxurious Lifestyle at Top-Class Residential Projects in Gurgaon

Rector Realtors brings you plenty of world-class residential flats for sale in Gurgaon. Here, you will find one masterpiece after another by famous builders such as DLF, Emaar, Elan, etc. You can explore from our list of 2,3,4,5,6 BHK flats, penthouses and Duplex to find the best property as per your requirements.

  • Rector Realtors Understands It All: We know that finding your dream home or suitable investment is not an easy task. It involves lot of research and it is a time-consuming task. Moreover, you are buying it for a hefty price; therefore, you want to make sure that your hard earned money is worth it all.
  • We are Your Help: Rector Realtors is here to help you at every stage of your buying journey. We are in the real estate market for a decade and know how to find the best home for your luxurious living.
  • Rector Realtors is the Local Expert: Knowing every corner of the city, Rector Realtors know where to find the best property. Being expert in the local areas of the city, we will compare the best properties as per your requirements.
  • We Arrange for Virtual Tour and Home Inspection: We will even arrange for a virtual tour for the properties you are interested in. This way you will see for yourself if it is a best choice for you or not. And if you are interested in a specific property, we will arrange for a property inspection as well.
  • Rector Realtors Negotiates a Better Deal: Having a great relationship with top builders, we will do our best to negotiate a better deal with them. You can count on us for this one since we possess great negotiating skills and will do a deal where both buyer and seller reach at an agreeable price.

Business-Friendly Commercial Space to Buy or Invest In

Are you looking for comfortable and spacious space for store, retail shop, food court, entertainment options or corporate office? Well, then Rector Realtors has a huge inventory for you to buy commercial property in Gurgaon as per your business requirements.


Retail Shops

Food courts & Entertainment zones

  • Rector Realtors analyze your business thoroughly and listen to what you say in order to give you the expert advice or consultations; thus enabling you to make wise commercial property choice.
  • If you are investing in a commercial space and want professional advice, then Rector Realtors is here to maximize your profit since we analyze the market to know the perfect timing for selling.
  • Commercial properties we list on our website are built by famous builders in India. Therefore, they will be of high-quality material with earthquake-resistant structure, and aesthetically pleasant.
  • Not to mention, we at Rector Realtors will help you find a lucrative location for your business or investments; therefore, helping to get better ROI as well as increasing number of customers.

Know Detailed Information About Upcoming Projects in Gurugram

Rector Realtors brings you the list of various residential as well as commercial upcoming projects in Gurugram. These upcoming projects in the city will be one of the best in the city. Because most of them will be designed by top-class architecture and interior design companies.

People usually try to find the right and detailed information about the upcoming projects. They may try it on the Internet or ask local broker or agents. But most the time they are unable to get legitimate information.

Tarc Sec- 63A
Apartment- 224, 2 Tower, 2 Apartment
Fully Furnished without Wardrobe
  • Sector 55-56 rapid metro station
  • Golf course extension road
From 17-18k
DLF Privana Sec-77
3 & 4 BHK Midrise Apartments
Fully Furnished
  • Cyber City, Gurugram 
  • IGI Airport & Aerocity 
From 12-14k
Pyramid Sec- 71

Size – 2400 sq. ft 3 BHK + 4T + Puja +Servent+Utility

  • Vatika Chowk
  • Cybercity-2 
From 17-18k

But, when you are working for any real estate deal with Rector Realtors, you will find an accurate detail about any upcoming project in the city. We have a strong network with top builders. Thus, they provide us with inside information of projects.

Moreover, we visit Newly Launched project sites from time to time. This allows us to know what kind of nearby developments are; increasing the appreciation value of properties.

What Makes Us Different from Others in the Market

You know that it is a vast real estate market in Gurgaon. On top of this, there are countless real estate companies, brokers as well as agents working in the city. And most of them are not doing their job at full of their abilities or capabilities.

Not to mention those boring listing websites not providing enough information. And most of them provide false information about upcoming, recently launched, under-construction and ready-to-move projects. This makes it really hard and complicated for buyers, investors as well as business owners to choose the best project. Thus, all these things together also water your precious time.

But don’t worry, this is where Rector Realtors come to save the day for you. We have clearly listed all the residential and commercial projects on our website. In the information part, we have covered it all. And we have made it easy for you to navigate from one page to another.

Rector Realtors have done it’s best and will do to get the best deal for you and save your precious time.

And even if you are not so sure about a specific project, then you can contact us for an information you want.

On the other hand, we are the best local guide for any property you want to purchase.

Rector Realtors don’t focus on exaggerating information regarding any project. Therefore, guiding people on the right path on their buying or investing journey is one of the best traits that make us one of the top real estate companies in the bustling city.

We Cherish Long-Term Relationships with Our Clients

Rector Realtors don’t just end warm process at the final deal of your property. We continue to have great relationship with our clients no matter what. We are not like others when it comes to dealing with our clients. Rector Realtors make it priority that clients are happy and fully satisfied with real estate services.

Rector Realtors is known to have a great relationship with its high end clients. We have helped high-end clients such as famous cricketer Murali Kartik and many more to get best deal for luxurious home in Gurgaon.

Making long-lasting relationship with our clients help us to know what buyer, sellers, investors or business owners, etc., really want. Therefore, we are able to deliver beyond the expectations of everyone.